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Our experienced physicians specialize in regenerative anti-aging medicine and hormone replacement therapy that include:

Aging doesn’t have to take its toll on your skin by carving out facial lines and wrinkles. Thanks to Botox you can now undo the markings of time.


Can You Retain a Hold on Your Slipping Youth? Let testosterone deficiency be a thing of the past.

Hormone Optimization

Do you have Growth Hormone Deficiency? Experiencing increased level of fat stores, a decrease in muscle mass, as well as a lower overall energy level?

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides Therapy

Looking to lose weight, heal faster, build immune system, improve your Libido & ED or to build muscle mass?? We can help.

Peptide Therapy

Lack of amino acid levels may have an impact on the capabilities of your neurotransmitters in the brain causing non normalized brain function.

Injectable Amino Acid & Vitamin Therapy

We have all heard throughout our entire life “take your vitamins”. The question becomes, what is the best delivery method?

IV Vitamin Therapy

Having difficulty achieving an erection or an erection that lasts long enough for your partner?

Sexual Health

Knowing what is going on in your body can prevent a tremendous amount of health problems.  Get tested today.

Health Testing

As this treatment gains popularity there are many who want to jump on the bandwagon. Make sure you choose a reputable company that specializes only in HRT. You deserve personalized attention, a customized treatment plan, and top of the line care. Vitality Health is here for you. At Vitality Health, hormone replacement therapy is not only our focus – it’s our entire practice. Our mission is to improve the lives of men and women just like you!


Want to create a better life and live up to your full potential? You Can!

Hormones control every basic function in our bodies, including the aging process, how we look, how we feel and perform. As we get older, Low T (low testosterone) and Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Andropause (men) and Menopause (women) can give us a lot of non-desirable symptoms in our older years – making aging a little less fun! Many of the symptoms can start much earlier then what most people would think and it’s not uncommon to see lower hormone levels in adults as early as their thirty’s. These hormonal changes or deficiencies can cause symptoms such as increased body fat, lack of energy, fatigue, decreased muscle mass and bone density, loss of strength, low sex drive, impaired sexual function, increased feelings of stress and depression, sleep issues, and more. The issue that many adults will face is that currently most primary care physicians are not trained extensively in this area of medicine and therefore having hormone deficiencies are often overlooked or are not treated properly and efficient.

HRT can be very affordable

To combat these hormonal changes, it’s very important to seek treatment by a physician who is well trained and experienced in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Some individuals believe that working with the specialist or with an HRT program is not within their budget. At vitality health we have the ability to customize treatment programs for as little as $119.00 per month. Through HRT and regenerative medicine, we can live better, happier, more active, less painful lives as we progress into our golden years. At any age, life shouldn’t be just about surviving and being alive, it should be about living!

Here at Vitality Health, we work with you in reaching your wellness goals!

How It Works

Lets get started.  Simply fill out a request online (or give us a call) & soon you will be on your way to a healthier & more energetic lifestyle.  Our approach is simple.

1. Initial Assessment

Request a consultation with us.  Our certified physician & wellness coaches will conduct an in-person assessment comprised of a variety of tests along with an in-depth conversation about your symptoms and overall goals.

2. Implementation

Our recommended therapy plan will immediately be put into place.  With the guidance of our team, we will help address and treat your symptoms.  You are not alone.

3. Treatment Analysis

Like any wellness program, our team of coaches will monitor how your body reacts & adjusts itself to our treatment therapy.  Our data will accurately pinpoint areas of opportunity

4. See The Results

Watch your quality of life improve dramatically. You will begin to experience greater energy, lowered body fat scores, improved mental acuity, mood, memory and so much more.

Get Your Life Back

When our hormones decline we can feel not like ourselves, and even feel older than we are. Through HRT, we can feel young again.

Our program starts with extensive lab, physician consultation and exam. We are looking at a full health background and all of the different hormone panels in the lab work. From there, our physicians are able to determine what needs to be done for our patients to fully optimize their health, hormone levels and create a plan of action to get you back on track!

Don’t Just Exist…Live!

Every person is different. Every person’s hormones are different. With that said, we treat each patient uniquely and create custom hormonal therapy based on specific needs of his/her body. We are proud that our team has made a positive impact to so many indidivuals and we look forward in doing the same for you.


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